What changes are coming in the next version of WordPress?

WordPress version 4.3 is scheduled to be released sometime in early August and it has a few big changes that you’ll likely want to know about. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming in the next version of WordPress:

Editor Improvements:

If you spend much time writing posts, you’ll be able to speed things up by using some of the shortcuts included in the new version. Using * or – will create an unordered list, or you can use 1. to create an ordered list. Using # will transform the text into H1, ## to H2, ### to H3 and so on. The > character will transform into blockquote.


Better Passwords:

WordPress 4.3 will introduce a new user interface for the password reset screen. It will automatically fill in the new password field with a strong password.


When you add a new user, WordPress will now send them a password reset link instead of a pre-selected password in plain text. During the process you also have the option to click on the show password button and add a password for the new user. WordPress will show a strong password auto-filled when you click on the show password button. You can change that to your own password if you want.


The goal is to make sure that users understand the importance of using strong passwords.

Easier Favicons (Site Icons):

Favicon or site icon is the tiny icon that you see next to a site’s name in your web browser. In the past, WordPress users had to use a plugin to add a favicon or add it manually by editing their theme files.

WordPress 4.3 will allow you to upload your site’s favicon or site icon from the WordPress admin area. Simply visit Settings » General and upload an image for your site icon.


WordPress will also allow you to crop the image and will also show you a live preview of how it will look in browsers and as a mobile icon.

Menu Editor has Moved:

With a heavy push for the theme customizer adoption, WordPress core team is slowly moving all theme options one by one to the customizer screen under Appearance->Customize.

Widgets management was added to the customizer in WordPress 3.9, and theme switching was added in WordPress 4.2.

WordPress 4.3 will allow you to manage your navigation menus from the theme customizer.

While you can still manage and edit your menus using the old interface, the goal of this new addition is to allow users to customize all their theme settings from one settings page with a live preview.

There has been a little push-back from the WordPress user community about moving the widgets and menus to the customizer, so it will be interesting to see how things progress down the road. Look for these changes to your WordPress dashboard next month and let us know what you think.

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