Stripe Now Offers Two-Day Transfers

Stripe announced Wednesday that you can now receive payments faster. Here is the May 7th email Stripe sent out to customers:

stripe-logoWe’re excited to let you know that we’ve sped up how quickly you’ll receive your money with Stripe.

It used to be the case that there was a seven calendar day delay between when you charged a customer and when funds arrived in your bank account. We’ve reduced that delay so that any future payments you receive will be transferred to you in two business days rather than seven calendar days. For example, funds from charges made on a Friday would arrive in your bank account on the following Tuesday.

We’ve already enabled this change for you. Existing payments will be sent with your old schedule, while all new payments will be sent to you in two business days.

This move makes Stripe a more attractive payment gateway in comparison to PayPal since┬ácustomers are currently re-directed temporarily to PayPal’s website during the checkout process. When using Sripe, customers stay on your website throughout the checkout process.

Now that payment processing times and fees are the same for both PayPal and Stripe, we encourage you to try Stripe for your payment gateway. It’s fast and easy to sign up, and configure your store to use Stripe instead of PayPal. Simply follow the guide in our user’s manual.

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