Finding Zip Codes for Local Pickup and Delivery

Would you like to offer delivery or pickup for your local customers, but aren’t quite sure how?

Finding zip codes for local pickup and deliveryNuggetWeb offers Merchant Shop owners the option to offer local pickup and local delivery for customers nearby. The only problem is, you have to know what zip codes you want to offer these services to.

Thankfully, there is a site like to simplify the process for you. They offer a free tool to find zip codes within a radius that allows you to put in your zip code and the number of miles you are willing to travel for delivery, and it will give you a list of comma-separated zip codes within the distance.

Find zip codes Tool:

To configure your Merchant Shop for local pickup or deliver, copy the comma-separated list you received from FreeMapTools, and log into your Merchant Shop Dashboard.

Once logged in, hold your mouse over “My Merchant Shop“, and click “Settings“.

Merchant Shop settings menu


On your Merchant Shop Settings page, click the tab titled “Shipping“, and select the “Local Pickup” option. Enable Local Shipping, and paste your list of zip codes into the text area labeled “Zip/Post Codes“.

Local pickup settings

Click “Save Changes“, and repeat this procedure for your Local Delivery options. Note that you can set a price for local delivery, or leave it as $0.00 for free delivery.

Now your local customers will have the option for pickup and delivery when they reach checkout!

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