WooCommerce Updates (E-Commerce Sites Only)

This update is for e-commerce websites only. If you do not use My Merchant Shop on your website this update does not apply to you.

Last week the developers of WooCommerce released a “major” update to the software many of you use for your Merchant Shop. That same day they released three subsequent patches to the software, so we were a little hesitant to rush into the upgrade right away.

Things like that can happen, and it looks like they have everything stabilized over there once again. We have now had a chance to test the software and we will be rolling out the update to all of our e-commerce websites this week. You will notice a few changes in your dashboard, so here’s a run-down of what’s new in WooCommerce version 2.2.2:

Perform partial refunds on orders

Store owners can now do partial refunds on orders; define the refund amount, qty, and optionally restore inventory. If the gateway supports it, the payment can be automatically refunded too. You may need additional API information into your PayPal configuration.

Updated order totals UI

To support the partial refund functionality, the order items and totals panels have been combined. As a result we have a simpler, more user friendly order page.

Variation stock management

You can now set stock management options (such as backorder support) at variation level giving much greater control over stock.

Improved Payment Gateways

The Payment Gateway API has been enhanced to support refunds and storing transaction IDs.

You also now have the option of using Simplify Commerce by MasterCard. Simplify Commerce currently has lower rates than PayPal and Stripe, so we’re happy to be able to offer you this new option. To use Simplify Commerce, log into your dashboard and navigate to “My Merchant Shop -> Settings” and select the Checkout tab to manage your website checkout options.


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