Welcome to your Merchant Shop

 Welcome to your Merchant Shop

Figure 4: Setting up your Merchant Shop with WordPress

Setting up your Merchant Shop will include a number of steps and decisions you will have to make for your online business.  You’ll want to set a little time aside for this, as it may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes to setup.  However, you should only have to do this once.  If you decide you’d like to go back and change something, you can always come back to the “My Shop” settings and make the change.  First, however, you should login to your new shop.

The first screen you will see when you click the link to your new shop, will contain a place for a username and password.  These will have been provided to you by NuggetWeb.com.

 Login Page

Figure 5: Merchant Shop Login Screen


Type your username and password into their respective fields.  If you would like your computer to remember you on the next login, place a checkmark in the box labeled “Remember Me”.  Your browser may also ask if you want it to remember your password.  If you are working on a personal computer, in which no one else has access, this option may be acceptable, but if you are working on a computer that is shared by employees or others, you may not want to allow your browser to remember your password.  Once your username and password are in the required fields, click the button labeled “Log In”.  You will be redirected to your shopkeeper page within WordPress.

WordPress is a simplified way to create and program a web page, in this case your Merchant Shop.  It requires no programming skills, and our guide will walk you through everything you need to know about putting your shop together and publishing it to the web.  Let’s go through the general settings page for your shop.  This will set the overall settings or “rules” by which your shop will follow.  For the most part, you should not need to make many changes to these settings, as most of the defaults are already setup by NuggetWeb.com.  However, you should have an understanding of these settings in case you decide to make any changes in the future.  Let’s start with the Merchant Shop Settings.

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