Subscribe & Connect

Subscribe & Connect
This section allows you to decide if you would like to offer your customers the opportunity to subscribe to your posts.  Subscriptions can be provided through different services such as “Feedburner” (for RSS) or “MailChip” (for email).

Subscribe Title
This is the title for the content you will be delivering to your customers and what they’ll see in their RSS and email feeds.  Generally speaking, you’ll want to stick with the theme of your shop.  If you’re selling chocolates and coffee for example, you may want to give your feed a name like “The Chocolate Grounds”, which directly relates to your shop and what you’re selling.

Use this field to place any text you’d like under your “Subscribe Title” on your Merchant Shop.

Figure 71

Figure 71: You can place some descriptive text under your “Subscribe Title” by using the “Text” feature under subscribe and connect in your Wootique settings

Subscribe by Email ID

If you have subscribed to Feedburner for your RSS feeds, you will need to enter your Feedburner ID in this field to enable the RSS features.

Subscribe by Email to MailChimp
If you have subscribed to MailChimp for your email feeds, you will need to enter your MailChimp ID in this field to enable the email features.

Enable RSS
If you have subscribed to Feedburner, you will want to place a checkmark in this box to enable your RSS feeds to your customers.

URL Fields
Rather than tackle these one at a time, it will be easier just to give a broad explanation of the next several fields.  These fields will allow you to link to your favorite social networking sites.  Entering the URL in these fields will allow your customers to visit these sites from yours.  You have the choice of 7 social networking sites:


Enable Related Posts

This feature has to do with your posts and directing customers to related (similar) posts within your Merchant Shop.  For Example, if you recently wrote an article about dark chocolate and its health benefits, you might also want to suggest some reading on recipes you’ve posted over the years using dark chocolate.  Enabling related posts allows your Merchant Shop to place links at the bottom of your article to direct customers to related topics or articles you’ve published in the past based on the Tags you’ve added to your articles.

While we’ve given a basic description of tags in previous sections, essentially Tags allow you to place keywords with an article that give a one word description of the article.  You can attach several tags to an article, but you must separate them by a comma.

 Figure 72

Figure 72: Tags can be a useful way to tie related articles together by enabling the “Related Posts” feature

Once you click the “Add” button, your tags will be displayed below the Tags field when creating a new post.  Article with the same or similar tags can be suggested at the bottom of an article as further reading by your customers, keeping them engaged in your site.

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