Shipping Tab

The shipping tab allows you control over the various built-in shipping features of your Merchant Shop.

 Figure 41

Figure 41: Shipping options can be configured for your Merchant Shop in the Shipping Tab

Enable Shipping
Using this option allows the system to calculate shipping for you, based on the shipping address input by your customer and the type of shipping they have selected.

Enable the Shipping Calculator on the Cart page
Placing a check mark in this option allows the shipping calculator will be displayed before the customer’s shipping address is known, and this cost will be calculated based on the default shipping address (your business’ physical address) until the customer inputs their address.  Leaving it unchecked will wait until the customer has gone through the registration process before attempting to calculate shipping.

Hide Shipping Costs until an Address is Entered
Using this option will not allow a customer to see the shipping costs until they have entered a valid shipping address.

Shipping Method Display
This determines if your customer will be able to select the type of shipping they would like using Radio Buttons (Select button) or Selection Boxes (Form checkbox).  There is no functional difference between the two, this choice is simply for aesthetic purposes.

Shipping Destination
This option sets the default shipping option of shipping only to the customers shipping address, ship to the shipping address by default (allowing them the option of having it shipped elsewhere), or to collect the shipping address even when not required, for example when a customer has chosen to come in and pick up their item.

Shipping Methods
The shipping methods area allows you to set your default shipping method and the order in which the various shipping options will appear to your customer.   You can choose the default shipping method by placing a mark in the radio button () next to the shipping method you would like to use by default.  Additionally, you can decide the order in which the various shipping methods appear by dragging and dropping the desired shipping method above or below other shipping methods.

Additionally, you can decide which shipping methods you wish to use by using the menu at the top of the tab:

 Figure 42

Figure 42: You can decide to create, change or use a specific delivery method


If you don’t want to use a shipping option, click on the link for that shipping option, just below the tabs, and you can turn each shipping method off or on.  Additionally, if you would like to calculate Fedex, UPS, or USPS shipping, can offer an add-on for those services. You must have an account with the shipping service being added for the calculators to work.

 Figure 43

Figure 43: You can determine whether or not to use a specific shipping method, and when

There are also additional options for each shipping method such as surcharge for delivery fee, what zip codes allow for local pickup or local delivery and what qualifies for free shipping.  Look around each shipping option and determine what options will work best for your Merchant Shop.

Again, at the bottom of the “Shipping” tab is the “Save Changes” button.  If you have made any changes to the information on this page, make sure you click this button before leaving this page.

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