Publish Window

The Publish window works very similarly to how it works in pages and posts.


Figure 152: The publish window is very similar to what you’ll find in the “pages” and “posts” sections

Save Draft – Saves your product as a draft without publishing it allowing you to come back later and make more changes

Status – If you have an editor, you can change the status from “ Draft” to “Pending Review”, allowing someone else to take a peek and check for errors before publication.

Visibility – Allows you to set the permissions on the product from “Public” (something everyone can see) to “Private” (something only those with permission can see) to “Password Protected” (something only those with password access can see)

Publish – Whether the product will be published immediately after clicking the “Publish” button or a specific date and time specified by clicking the “Edit” link next to it.

Catalog Visibility – This determines whether the product will show up in the catalog and searches or be left hidden on the site.

Move to Trash – Deletes the product

Publish – Publishes the product abiding by the rules you have set down above

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Category: Chapter 10 - Putting it all Together

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