The Products menu item will take you to a list of products you have added to your shop.  Until now, we haven’t added anything, but will be doing so in our next step.

For now, we want to simply become familiar with this screen.  The Products screen looks much like our posts or pages screen where we see a list of products in our store.


Figure 133: The products menu item will display a list of all the items you have for sale in your Merchant Shop

 Hovering your mouse over a product name will allow you to

  • Edit a product, allowing you to change all of the product details
  • Quick edit the product, allowing you to quickly change some details
  • Send the item to the trash (delete the product)
  • Perform a simple view of the product, allowing you to see the product details without changing them
  • Duplicate the product.  Product duplication can be a great time saver if you have similar products in your shop that have minor differences in details


Figure 134: You’ll find quick edit options by hovering your mouse over the product name

 For example, in our candle store, we have a line of candles that are similar in shape and size, but different in color and scent.  Duplicating this product, we can edit the duplicate item and change the details to match the next candle, without having to create it from scratch.

This can save a lot of time and effort when you only have to change a few minor details of a product rather than inputting all the pieces of data back into a new product through the “Add Product” menu item.

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Category: Chapter 9: Adding Products & Readying your Merchant Shop

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