In writing this handbook it became clear that the effort that actually went into performing the tasks necessary to setup a Merchant Shop actually took much less time than reading through this handbook. is currently working on a Quick Start Guide that will take you through the process much quicker, and allow you to get your shop setup without reading an entire book on the subject.

This guide was written as a comprehensive look at your WordPress and WooCommerce site.  It explains the subject matter in detail to answer all the questions you may have about each step in setting up your Merchant Shop, something you won’t find in a Quick Start Guide.  This resource has been setup on the support site and broken down by subject matter to help you quickly gain access to each section and the material you need to answer your questions.  It is not necessary to read this manual in full to setup your Merchant Shop.

In reality, all the steps described in here, up to placing products into your Merchant Shop and maintaining the shop itself should only take you about an hour.  While the Quick Start Guide will answer the question “What do I need to do to get my Shop Online?” it doesn’t answer many other questions that the full guide will, such as:

“Why am I using this setting?”

“How will this affect me and my customers?”

“What will this (setting) do to my customers if I change it?”

“Who does this (setting) affect?”

“Where does my customer go to do _____?”

The handbook is truly a comprehensive look at your Merchant Shop.  If you feel there are any questions it doesn’t answer, feel free to contact us.

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