In this chapter we’ll go through all the menu items that will setup the behavior of your shop.  Things like currency, tax rates and shipping will be setup through this process.  While there may come a time where you will come back and change one of these settings, for most people this will be a one-time setup which should only take a few minutes to walk through.

From the Dashboard screen, click “My Merchant Shop” on the sidebar on the left, and select “Settings”.  This will open up the global settings for your Merchant Shop.  You’ll notice several tabs across the screen, from “General” to “Integration”.  We’ll go through these one by one and explain what each option means to you.  For most of the items listed the default setting will work for many Merchant Shops, although there will probably be at least a few fields you will need to change specific to your Merchant Shop.

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Category: Chapter 3 - Setting up Your Merchant Shop

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