The import feature allows you to import two very important items.  The first is a list of tax rates you may already be using.  The type of file needed is fairly specific and must be in a .cvs format.  You can create a .cvs file using Microsoft Office Excel.  Your excel spreadsheet will need a very specific set of columns which will include the following titles:

Country Code
State Code
Zip or Postal Code
Tax Rate
Tax Name
Tax Class

Figure 78

Figure 78: You can create a list of tax rates to be imported into your Merchant Shop using Excel

 Generally speaking, you should ask an accountant exactly where you will need to tax before importing tax rates.  Some rules will allow you to sell products online without tax if you do not have a physical presence in that state.  However it’s best to know beforehand rather than getting a big surprise later.

Once you’ve completed your Excel spreadsheet, you can convert it to a .cvs file by performing a “Save As” under the file menu and selecting “CVS (Comma delimited)” under the “Save as type” drop down box.

Figure 79

Figure 79: An Excel spreadsheet can be saved as a .cvs file to be imported later into your Merchant Shop

Once you’ve named the file and selected “CVS (Comma delimited) as your file type, click the “Save” button and remember the location where you saved your file.

Now that you have your .cvs file with all your tax information, you’ll want to import it into your Merchant Shop.  Clicking the “My Merchant Shop Tax Rates (CVS) under the import screen will take you to a new screen where you can upload your newly created .cvs file.

Figure 80

Figure 80: You can import current tax rates from a .cvs file you can upload to your Merchant Shop

From here you can import your file using the “Browse…” button, locating the file on your computer where you originally saved it in the last step.  Once you have located the file on your computer, highlight the file, select “Open” and the file path will now show up under the “Choose a file from your computer” field.  Simply click the “Upload file and Import” button at the bottom of the screen to import the file into your Merchant Shop.

Alternatively, if you know of a publicly available file on the web, you can import a file from that location using the “Or enter a path to file” field.  The “Delimiter” field determines what character separates the imported fields, in this case a comma (,).  Once your file has uploaded, your Merchant Shop should contain all the tax information you require.

The second type of file you can import goes hand in hand with the “Export” feature under tools.  Basically, whatever you can export from the export tool, you can import by finding a path to the exported files, importing them back into your Merchant Shop.  Let’s jump down to the export tool and see what types of things we can import.

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