General Settings (Backup/Restore)

General Settings (Backup)
Now that we’ve gone through and customized your Merchant Shop, you’ll want to backup all of those settings in the event of a worst case scenario.  While does include a backup and failover system, there could be a situation, however unlikely that you’ll need to restore your settings to your Merchant Shop, post-apocalyptic nuclear war, for example.

No matter what happens or doesn’t happen, it’s still always a good idea to back up your settings to your local computer as a safeguard.  It should be noted here, that this feature will only backup your Wootique settings, and not the content of your Merchant Shop.  Further down in this manual, we will address backing up your Merchant Shop content using the WordPress Export Tool, under the “Tools” option on the sidebar.

Import settings
If you have previously backed up your Wootique settings and need to restore them, you can do so here.  Simply browse to the location on your computer where your backup file is kept, click “open”, which will place the file path into this field.  When ready, simply click the “Upload file and Import” button to restore your settings to their original state.

Export Settings
Export settings give you the option to download your Wootique settings to your local hard drive.  All settings will download everything you’ve setup in your Wootique settings, or you can choose to simply download the settings for your theme options or framework.

The Theme Options include items that we’ve gone over in this chapter, while the framework refers to how your theme works at the most basic level, or those items which you have not set yourself, but have been setup by the staff.  For most situations, downloading the theme options will be enough to properly backup your settings.  Once you have selected the desired option, click “Download Export File” and save it to a location on your hard drive.

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