In addition to importing tax rates, you can also backup your Merchant Shop by exporting (downloading to your computer) various portions of your Merchant Shop.  You can download everything by selecting the “All Content” button, or download portions of the site.

  • Posts – Any articles you’ve published on your Merchant Shop
  • Pages – Any pages you’ve created on your Merchant Shop
  • Products – Any products you’ve added to your Merchant Shop
  • Variations – Any variations you’ve made to specific products
  • Orders – Any orders that have been processed in your Merchant Shop
  • Coupons – Any coupons you’ve created for your customers
  • WooFramework Internal Conainer – The base functions for your WooComerce Shop

  Figure 81

Figure 81: You can export all of the content of your Merchant Shop using the Export feature under “Tools”

 As stated earlier, just like any of these items can be exported (downloaded to your computer), they can also be Imported (uploaded) if needed using the import feature under the Tools menu.  Files exported to your computer will be in XML format (a web standard) so that they can be easily imported.

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