Attributes Tab

Fairly simple and straightforward, here is where you will assign a product the attributes you’ve created in the “Products / Attributes” sub-menu.


Figure 144: Product Data Attributes Tab

Attributes can be selected in the drop down window and added to your product.  Once you add an attribute, you will get a new window:


Figure 145: After you add an attribute, you will need to specify its variables

In this example, we’ve selected “Size” as our attribute.  We will now have to select the variables that go into that attribute, such as “small”, “Medium”, “Large” and so on.  You can also use the “Select All” button to add all variables in this attribute, or remove them by clicking “Select None” and add only the variables you want.  In order for these variables to show up on the product page, check the box that says “Visible on the product page”.  Once finished, make sure you save your work by clicking the “Save Attributes” button at the bottom left.  If you wish to remove the attribute, you can do so by clicking the “Remove” button in the top right hand corner of the window.

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Category: Chapter 10 - Putting it all Together

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