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Figure 146: Product Data Advanced Tab

 Purchase Note – A simple note created to send to the customer after the purchase of the product being added

Menu Order – This is a micro-manager’s dream, but a bit of a cumbersome tool.  Going back to the “My Merchant Shop” menu item under “Settings” and the “Catalog” tab, you must have “Default Product Sorting” set to “Default Sorting” in the drop-down menu for this to work.


Figure 147: In order for Menu Order to work, your Default Product Sorting must be set to “Default Sorting (Custom + Name)

In this way, products can be ordered by setting the menu order to a specific number (starting with zero and going up from there) allowing you to display your products in a specific order in your Merchant Shop.  The drawbacks of using this method are that you will need to remember what each custom ordering position is for each product (so you don’t duplicate) and each and every product will have to have a menu order number.  Additionally, this can be a real problem if you have more than just a few items in your store, and impossible if you want to “insert” a product between menu order 5 and 6, for example.  You will end up re-ordering every product in your store to fit a product in between two existing products.  If you decide to use this feature, make sure you write down each product with its corresponding menu order number.

Enable Reviews – Allows your customers to come back and review the product and your services

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